Ceramic Web

Ceramic Web LB-CERAMICS — это профессиональная компьютерная программа для сопровождения продаж керамической плитки в розничных торговых точках, позволяющая в присутствии клиента смоделировать проект за несколько минут.

Ceramic Web отвечает главным требованиям и потребностям клиентов:

  • Клиентоориентированность
  • Модернизированный функционал
  • Удобный сервис

Главные достоинства программы — это удобная навигация, интуитивно-понятный интерфейс, возможность комбинировать в одном проекте разнофактурную плитку, работа с зеркалами и нишами.

Все это служит идеальным инструментом для удобного редактирования помещения по исходным размерам, создания мансардного помещения и прочего.

Укладка плитки по шаблонам

Комбинирование разных укладок в проекте

Работа с объектами — понятный и удобный редактор зеркал, ниш и коробов

Ceramic3D.exe (551 МБ)

Удобный сервис программы Ceramic Web

  • Одновременное оповещение всех пользователей о новинках, акциях и предложениях компании ЛАССЕЛСБЕРГЕР.
  • Наличие в программе всей контактной информации о ближайших магазинах, где можно приобрести необходимую коллекцию керамической плитки.
  • Программа доступна также на других языках.
Lasselsberger Ceramics
one of the world leaders in tiles manufacturing

All current products and up-to-date information for our partners, architects and builders

New Lasselsberger Ceramics tiles range already available in all retail stores

General Lasselsberger Ceramics catalogue and other materials available to download in one section

«Lasselsberger Ceramics» is a unique combination of history, traditions, experience, innovation and quality. Some manufacturers within our holding were established over 100 years ago. «Lasselsberger Ceramics» is a customer-oriented group of companies with factories in Russia, East and Central Europe. Each holding division is targeted at own local market. Lasselsberger’s factory in Ufa with the help of the leading Italian and Spanish designers, participating in products development, successfully brings newest trends to the Russian market in line with our customers’ tastes.
«Lasselsberger Ceramics» tiles could be used both for personal and business interiors, spaces of different sizes, could satisfy the most fastidious taste and fit every budget. Production of our group of companies fully complies with the international quality management system ISO 9001. Ceramic tiles specifications meet the EN 14411 and GOST standards of the Russian Federation. Factories, manufacturing wall and floor ceramic tiles, also meet all ecological requirements on clean environment and people’s health.
High level of service and beneficial terms of cooperation

Close cooperation between all companies within our holding helps us to improve quality and to lower costs of production at the same time, resulting in the trust of the market. This huge potential makes Lasselsberger company one of the leading European ceramic tiles manufacturer.

Excellent work conditions in a high-caliber professional surrounding

Factory in Ufa is the most rapidly developing facility within our holding, located in a huge industrial building, containing all production process lines.

Quality control at all stages of manufacturing

Production of our group of companies fully complies with the international quality management system ISO 9001. Ceramic tiles specifications meet the EN 14411 and GOST standards of the Russian Federation.

New design solutions

The Lasselsberger Group values a lot a design idea, put in our products. With the help of it our customers, including interior designers, architects and builders, could materialize their most diverse and bold projects.

News and Special Offers
million square meters
of production a year
retail stores in Russia
and CIS countries
collections of ceramic
and porcelain tiles
for every taste
hectares — territory
of our factory
We constantly study and implement modern technology and design trends. Our production fully complies with the international quality management system ISO 9001
Lasselsberger Ceramics is company with a modern and efficient logistics structure and well-organized supply system
High standards
of quality and service
We value every customer and carefully listen for any wish, offer beneficial conditions and low prices both for wholesale and retail buyers